Experience scuba-diving and sea deepness 

You can find out a spectacular underwater world on the Asian country. Wear on your swimsuit, don a mask, fins, and then feel like if you were in an aquarium when get under there. You will have the opportunity to see an entirelydifferent scene, from sharks to puffer fish, to moray eels and other beautiful sea animals. Absolutelypack and check if you bring the underwater camera to shoots and keep the magic forever. Thisis an outstanding experience in a trip to the Philippines.Have a look at jamie frazermann for more info on this.

Taste their local food 

All over this country, there are many of the western fast food well-known chains, butthe population also has some tastytraditional dishes to offer tourists. You can see different options to begin with, from the pancitbihon, chicken adobo and whateverBBQ’d. The fresh mangoes are amazing and with seafood you can sense freshness in your mouth. You won’tdefinitely feel frustrated or fooled. James Frazermann favorite food of the trip was Chicken Adobo.

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